The Abbasi Hotel Conference Hall

  • One of the Oldest Hotels in the World

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel as the oldest hotel in the world is one of the largest hotels of Iran and Isfahan. Among the monuments of the Safavid period, a school complex, a small bazaar and caravanserai are remained and the Abbasi Guesthouse also known as the Shah Abbas Hotel is one of them.

Definitely, it can be called a museum stylistically and architecturally. The elegant Abbasi Hotel is situated right in the city center, near everything that Isfahan has to offer. Shopping centers, restaurants, and historic sites are but a short walk away from this hotel

The Abbasi Hotel Conference Hall is equipped with all modern audio/visual devices, which are used both for local conferences and for international conventions. The large conference hall has two floors. The ceiling of first floor is decorated with plaster molding on convex mirrors and its walls are embellished with wooden fret works whose surface are painted and are decorated with the same designs of the ceiling.

This work is done so dexterously that at the first sight the distinction of the wooden works from the plaster moldings is almost impossible. The ground floor of this hall, which is considered the main assembly hall, is equipped with an apparatus of simultaneous translation. The ceiling of this hall is decorated with seventeen wooden moqarnas, which are in turn decorated with plaster molding, mirror encrusted stalactites, and paint.

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