Welcome message from IASP President

Dear IASP World Conference delegates,

In today’s world, sustainable development is crucial to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This is why we have chosen the theme “Towards sustainable cities and communities: fostering innovation ecosystems” for this, our 35th IASP World Conference in Isfahan, Iran.

This theme is closely connected to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are an important tool for tackling the problems resulting from urban development, and cities can play an important role in their implementation.

Modern cities (and especially Knowledge Cities or Smart Cities) have become nodes of competitiveness at an international level, and it is in cities where innovation takes place, contributing to the better economic performance of their regions and improved quality of life for their inhabitants. The urban location of most STPs and AOIs is a key element of their identity, and together we will explore their role in the formation of the innovation ecosystem and the sustainable development of cities.

I would like to thank our friends in Isfahan Science and Technology Town for the great efforts they are making in organising this great international event, where I am sure we will all make new connections, learn from each other and expand our knowledge of how science and technology parks and areas of innovation can advance and support sustainable development.

Josep Pique
IASP President

Welcome message from IASP Director General

Dear delegates,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 35th IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, hosted and organised by our colleagues in Isfahan Science and Technology Park, Iran, from 2nd – 5th September 2018.

IASP has Special Consultative Status on the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council, which brings people and issues together to promote collective action for a sustainable world, and this conference will strengthen links between IASP and the UN in our common efforts to achieve greater sustainability in economic and technological development.

Iran has already hosted IASP regional events with to great acclaim, and this World Conference is the logical qualitative leap in Iran’s active participation in the life of our association. Iran is a country where science and technology parks are a centrepiece of technological development, supporting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that addresses the great challenges facing cities and communities today, and I am sure this event will be a great knowledge-sharing opportunity for delegates from around the world.

I look forward to seeing you in Isfahan in 2018.

Luis Sanz
IASP Director General

Welcome message from ISTT President

It is a great pleasure to be your host in Isfahan for the IASP World Conference in 2018. Isfahan Science and Technology Town (lSTT) has been a member of IASP for more than l5 years. During this time ISTT has been able to promote IASP not only in Iran, but also in other countries in the region.

ISTT is proud of the fact that it has been able to assume a leadership position in West Asia and North Africa region and hold the presidency of this division for three times since its establishment. In the past 15 years, ISTT has organized many regional conferences including a couple of joint IASP and ASPA (Asian Science Park Association) conferences.

Iran has been very active in the field of science parks and incubators and has had the largest number of IASP members in the region. Currently, more than 38 science and technology parks and around 200 technology business incubators are active in Iran, which create a large pool of specialists interested to participate in IASP World Conference.

In the past few months, ISTT has been able to gather the support of major governmental institutions and universities for organizing the IASP World Conference in 2018. At the national level, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), the main ministry responsible for science parks and incubators in Iran, has announced its full support for this conference. At the local level, the Isfahan Provincial Governor, the Mayor of Isfahan, University of Isfahan and Isfahan University of Technology have all announced their full support for this conference.

It will be an honor for ISTT and many other IASP members in Iran to organize an IASP world conference. With the recent lifting of political and economic sanctions, Iran has become a major attraction, not only to international businesses, but also to many tourists who have been waiting to visit Iran. IASP World Conference will be a perfect opportunity for the science park community to visit this historical country and most importantly Isfahan, the most touristic city of Iran.

ISTT is most honored to invite you to participate in our hosting of the 35th IASP World Conference in 2018.

Sincerely yours,


Dr. Mehdi Keshmiri

President of ISTT

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